Your bed may cause frequent illness

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After everyday tiredness, we need our own bed to sleep. The special thing is that everyone’s beds, pillows and sheets are separate in the house and we are so much loved by these things related to our life that by accident, if someone else takes a pillow of their own, then it does not sleep. . This is also the case with sheet and mattress or bed. But do you know that if you are getting sick again and again, if you are having cold or cough problems, then the reason can also be hidden in your bed …

Have two years life

If you are getting sick with allergies, infections, coughs or colds, then change your pillow first. Many studies have shown that no pillows should be used for more than two years. Yes, if you use any pillar more than two years, you can catch many health related problems. The first name in it is allergy and infections.

Why not more than that?

Many research related to pillows and beds have been taking place from time to time. Experts say that no pillows should be used for more than 2 years, because due to the Dead Skin Cells, many types of germs and bacteria grow, those who enter our body with breathing and make us sick Are. Many times these bacteria also cause skin infections.

That’s why they are bad

Many times we are oiled in the hair and fall asleep on the pillow. During this time, the fissure inside pillows absorbs a lot of oil from our head. In addition, our head’s Dead Skin Cells also go into pillows. Dust particles also go to pillows and even when we are sick, we use these pillows. All these conditions together make our pillow suitable for germs and bacteria as long as they last longer. It has been found in a study that in normal condition, we should change our pillow every six months. If you do not want to do this, do not use pillows in any aspect over 2 years.

Mattress is also life

Whether you made a mattress of a mattress or a foam mattress or jute, or jute. Your convenience and doctor’s advice, whatever reason you have chosen your mattress for yourself. To be healthy, you must know that the mattress also has life. Life of different types of mattresses are different. Usually their life span or use time is 5 to 10 years.

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