1 bottle of alcohol with as much as 10 cigarettes of cancer

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Did you know that a bottle of alcohol is the same as the risk of getting cancer from 10 cigarettes? This has been claimed in a recent study. Studies have said that drinking a bottle of alcohol increases the risk of cancer to the extent that by drinking 10 cigarettes. Scientists compared with drinking cancer risks by drinking alcohol with cancer risk and they got statistical data for women. At the same time, when he did this for men, it came out that by drinking a bottle of alcohol in the week, the risk of cancer is the same as drinking 5 cigarettes.
Although the risk of cancer from alcohol was found in most women because of its connection to breast cancer. According to University Hospital Southampton, Bangor University and Southampton University, a bottle of wine, i.e. 10 units per week, means that drinking one and the same percentage of alcohol for 1 percent of non-smokers is a risk of lifetime cancer, whereas the same risk women It is 1.4 percent.
Dr. Theresa Heidis said, “It is known to all that drinking excessive alcohol leads to cancer, but the public is not aware of it. She sees smoking only by connecting cancer. We expect that by comparing the connection of alcohol and cancer to cigarettes, we will be able to deliver an effective message to the people so that they can make the necessary changes in their lifestyles and lead a good life.

However, Brigid Simmons of the British Bear and Pub Association described this study as meaningless and said that it did not do anything special to make people aware. At the same time, some experts also said that instead of drinking alcohol, there is a greater risk of cancer due to smoking. However, he also said that smoking would help in reducing the consumption of alcohol.

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