Keep the hair such as after rebonding, will not be bad

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The trend of rebounding and smoothing hair is now becoming very popular among girls. Usually, this treatment is done in curly hair, but now it is being done in the straight hair too. After all, what is a rebonding treatment and how to keep your hair in focus… All this information is being given here:

What is hair rebonding?

Hair rebonding is a process where curly or thick hair is done directly by using chemicals. However, because of the use of chemical, there is also a bad effect on the hair too. Our hair is made of amino acids and these proteins are attached to bonds that help us to detect the structure of our hair. That means our bales are curly, weaved or straight, With the help of chemicals in the rebounding process, these bonds are broken so that changes in hair structure can be manipulated. Therefore it is very important to take good care of hair after rebounding.

Keep such hair care

1- First of all, after rebounding, keep in mind that whatever happens, you do not have to wet your hair. Leave the hair in the same condition for at least 3 days. If you wash, then the hard work that you have done on your hair will be washed away.

2- Keep hair open after rebounding. If you build, then their style will get spoiled. Even if you go to sleep, keep the hair open. To say means to protect the hair from every condition and thing which can spoil your rebounding.

3- When shampooing in hair after 3 days of rebonding, keep in mind that it is not a chemical person. Apply a good conditioner hair after shampooing. Let it be late for some time and then wash the hair after the light massage with a light hand.

4- Do not paint the hair immediately after rebooting. You can lose hair because of the many types of chemical treatment given to the hair.

5- Never use hot water while washing hair after rebounding. Always wash hair with cold water. If there is trouble in washing hair with cold water, then wash hair with lukewarm water.

6- Keep your scalp clean. Massage hair roots regularly with hot oil and shampoo 3 to 4 days a week. Do not clean wet hair immediately. Wrap the dough in the towel and then clean it again.

7- Protect your hair from direct sunlight, dust, and soil. Get out in strong sunshine, either by wearing scarves or by leaving the umbrella.

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