Avoid dengue fever, follow these 5 simple steps

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Avoid dengue fever, follow these 5 simple steps

Every year in India, hundreds of people die due to dengue in rainy season. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral infection that spreads very rapidly. However, the steps taken for prevention can save you from the outbreak of dengue. During the transition, you must follow some precautions to protect yourself and your family from dengue fever. Dengue fever begins with some common symptoms which people usually ignore first. That’s why Dengue is better than cure the disease. Preventive measures for dengue, mainly prevent mosquito reproduction and prevent mosquito bites.

Avoiding dengue fever

1. Keep the house away from mosquitoes
Your home can also promote the reproduction of mosquitoes, which can make your family very weak. There are various factors that can contribute to indoor reproduction of mosquitoes. Cleaning your house is the first and the most basic step, in which advised to stop the spread of dengue. Stable water is the main place for reproduction of mosquitoes. Therefore, think about cleaning the utensils or containers, where the water is likely to accumulate. Also, avoid having to store water without need.

2. Protect your children from mosquitoes
Children spend more time so they can come in contact with mosquitoes. By the time of school sports, the time spent outside can increase the likelihood of dengue fever. Wear your baby full sleeve clothes and use mosquito-resistant creams. Do not allow them to spend time outside as much as possible. Try to include your children in indoor games.

3. Prevent mosquito bites
Mosquitoes are present everywhere. Therefore, save as much as possible from bites of mosquitoes. Wear whole arm cloth and try to cover all parts of your body. You can use mosquito nets to prevent mosquitoes from sleeping. You can also apply mosquito cream before exiting.

4. Cover your doors and windows
Open doors and windows can enter mosquitoes directly into your house. If not needed, keep doors and windows closed. If you have a broken window or door, then get it fixed immediately, before the mosquito can enter your home.

5. Identify the symptoms of dengue
Early detection and treatment can help you fight better than dengue. This will prevent the infection of dengue and you can prevent it from deteriorating. You should understand the initial symptoms so that you can treat it as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Dengue fever
High fever, high headache, vomiting, pain in the inner part of the eyes, muscle and joints pain and rashes on the body are some of the common symptoms.

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