Common symptoms of asthma in children

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Common symptoms of asthma in children

Other symptoms of asthma in children are symptoms of wheezing or wheezing when breathing or leaving. This symptom can be easily seen and clearly indicates asthma. This sound is produced by the troubled airflow through narrowed airways.

Lack of stamina
Asthma is adversely affecting the endurance of a child if a child feels difficult while playing with his colleagues, and his breathing quickly crumble. The lack of energy in children or tired too early is a common symptom of asthma.

chest tightness
When asthma occurs, the child may complain of chest tightness or injury. Every child can have such symptoms and any child can show one or more of these symptoms. As soon as your children notice these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

Breathing trouble
Asthma has difficulty breathing and it can be easily identified. Breathing can be a sign of asthma or problems in breathing rapidly in children. Any child suffering from asthma can often be seen breathing rapidly with lack of breath.

Disease can be genetic
It has been observed that if parents have asthma, then the chances of it in the child also increase. However, its true causes have not been confirmed. There is a possibility of an asthma attack due to cold, cough or flu.

Symptoms can vary
It is important to know that different children may have different symptoms of asthma, and these symptoms can turn into a baby in the next episode of asthma. Asthma or cough may be due to other causes such as asthma, such as common cold.

Cough up
Sudden coughing or breathlessness, getting up with sweating at night, etc. can also be very strong symptoms of asthma. During outdoor sports, children may have asthma symptoms soon, due to exhaustion, breathing without any exercise or heavy work.

Asthma is a respiratory disease. Due to the inflammation due to air due to breathing, pain is due to breathing. This is a chronic disease of childhood. Physical tests in asthma usually are quite normal, but there are many symptoms that can be helpful in detecting asthma in children. Let’s learn about some such symptoms.

Cough too much And this cough gets spoiled at night and is a common symptom of asthma in children. During the day, coughing of children can be constantly damaged while laughing at night. Chronic cough and cough episodes are the only symptom of asthma.

Some other symptoms
Complication of chest tightness or chest pain
Wheezing and wheezing in the chest while breathing

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