Boys Photo Contest April 2018

*Note this April contest is finished, Now contest has started for Boys(Age 13-30 years) ! Registrations will be open till 25th Aug. Voting will start from 1st Aug & ends 31st (11:45 PM) August 2018  !

Win Prizes👉 In top 10 Participants we will reward worth of ₹5,000(Top 3 – Gift hampers & Surprise gift, Rest 7 E-Certificates) !   Upload Photo

Hi Please Vote for Ankur saini in Picbattle Boys Photo Contest April 2018
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Contest is finished!
Ankur saini
Voting Appeal " Please vote me to become winner and thankyou "
How to Win Contest?
Click on social share buttons and share your baby photo on WhatsApp, Facebook & Groups with your family & friends, You can request them to vote for your baby after every hour.
1. From June month all particpants will get E-Certificate of their rank after completion of 1000 votes.
2. How to get extra 200 Bonus Votes? Read I. Share on facebook and get extra 200 bonus votes
II. We count max 1000 FB share means 1000/5=200 Votes !
III. Final Votes = Contest Votes + FB Share/5 !
IV. It will be calculated at the end of contest !

3. Participate in Cute Baby Photo Contest & Win Prizes Rewards!
Prize Details   Contest Rules
Important Message
1. Once the photo is Uploaded you can not change it. If you have to any change, then you can email us at within 24 hours.
2. Fake voters be carefull, Participant who will get fake voting can be expelled from the Competition at the end of contest.
Contest Purpose
"You know that this contest is only for entertainment and, it is free, Our reward is just a small honor for babies. Our main purpose connecting you with your family and friends. We think all children are god gift, beautiful, No one is less beautiful. So enjoy contest as for Fun & Fame, not for Money & Greed!"
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