After opening the Navratri Vrat, keep your diet such that

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opening the Navratri Vrat

During fasting, we do not eat grains, so when we open fast, heavy food or eat leavened food starts eating. Doing this is harmful to your health. Due to this, the lever is likely to worsen as the stomach gets worse. In the beginning, after opening the fast, the same kind of food should be eaten at the beginning, which corresponds to the food taken during the fast. We tell you what type of diet should be taken immediately after the fast.

Eat these after the fast:

Coconut water-

After breaking any fast, you should drink coconut water. Coconut water contains electrolyte minerals that are beneficial for the body.


After eating vada with green vegetables, the body gets plenty of energy.

Moong khichdi –

after the fasting should be made of moong khichdi. It is very healthy. This is a lightweight and stomach diet.
There is low fat in Kadhi-Kadhi, so after fasting, it should be used in the food. Apart from this, it should be tried that the food is at least fried.

Paneer –

If you want to eat paneer immediately after fasting then take paneer roasted paneer and roasted paneer.
If you want to eat bread and lentils after opening the bread and lentils then take pulses.

Do not eat them

Puri –

Fat is very high in puri-, which can cause harm by eating immediately after fast.

Ghee –

Soon after opening the fast, excessive roasted bread can be harmful.


alcohol or drinks containing soda or preservatives should not be taken after the fast.

These could be losses

1- Eating a high amount of food can lead to acidity problems. Apart from this, there may be an effect on the liver.
2- Eating more smooth foods can increase the cholesterol level. This can have an effect on Hart.
3- By eating more salt, thirst will look more and the throat will start drying only after a while.

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