About Us

Why We Conduct Cute Baby Photo Contest?

” You also know that this contest is only for entertainment and, of course, we do not take the money from the registration of any participant, it is free, And this reward is just a small honor for babies. And our purpose connecting you with your family and friends. We think all children are god gift, all children are beautiful, No one is less beautiful, and we don’t charge. “

This is a Photo Contest website where you can freely participate and earn the Reward. The Intention of this website is to choose the winner only by Public choice. The winner will be awarded by the prize. we are providing the platform where you can enjoy your moments by participating. This website has been created for those people who are interested in photography.

We organize multiple contests on users demand.

“This is the best platform for your social status. Those people getting the maximum like on his pic. Winners will get a Gift Hamper or Amazon Gift Voucher. The prizes will be splitting in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd category!  registration is open”

Security Layers Eight Layers of Fraud Protection

There is no big Challenge today that hackers are getting your sensitive data, which is why photo competition has been developed and tested with the safety of voting with 8 layers of protection, giving you the peace of mind of your competitors and your users The data are completely safe.

  • IP address check
  • Unique ID for each vote
  • Javascript
  • User ID
  • Cookies
  • Email confirmation
  • Disposable email domain checker
  • PHP

Don’t worry about bots and automatic scripts hacking away at your competition – Photo Contest as your covered.
We are monitoring all the activities. Therefore, if any rules are found to be violated then He/She will be excluded from this competition.