Stop immediately, use of these 7 things, may be dangerous for health

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We use many things in everyday life. Many of these things we use to make much personal hygiene Maintain increase the comfort. But do you know that the products you are using can harm your health? We are telling about 7 such products …

1. Pressed Wood Products

Pressed Wood is used in the manufacture of goods from tables to many types of wood. The finishing people who come from pressed wood like this, but do you know that it can make you sick? This type of wood is made by pressing a wooden shave. The glue used to connect the pressed wood is called a chemical called resin. It contains urea-formaldehyde which spreads along the air in the room. This process gets accelerated when heated. You may also have lung problems related to breathing in the body.

2. Antibacterial soap

Do you also use antibacterial soap or hand wash? But are they as healthy as they are promoted? According to a report, Normal soap is better than this type of hand wash. Antibacterial soap contains a chemical called triclosan, which is the antifungal element to eliminate bacteria, but its use does not benefit health but is harmed.

3. Anti-mosquito coil

The mosquito coil may run away from mosquitoes, but what about the damage to it? According to a research, the amount of smoke released by a coil is equal to 75-137 cigarettes. Now you can understand yourself how dangerous it is to you.

4. Styrofoam

Styrofoam glasses and plates are often used at party or weddings at home. Styrofoam contains a chemical called styrene, which is a risk of cancer. In such a way, keeping distance from this product will be better for you.

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